12 April 2010

beach in april

beach in april

coming back to 7˚c weather after blue skies in new york wasn't great, but scotland hasn't let me down this weekend. it was so nice out today that my boyfriend & i went to the beach, thus getting me one step further in my list of things to do this year: #5 is 'visit three beaches', so that's one down, two to go.

it's been a pretty good week. the organisers of jumpers & jamboree (that's lauren, nikki & me) have announced the date of the next event: big top jamboree is going to take place on may 17, & we're looking for submissions! have a peek at the blog to find out more.

i also scored off #20 from my to-do list by opening a folksy shop earlier in the week. i'm giving it a trial period to decide whether i want to keep it or not. if you missed out on getting a free copy of climbing out of a canyon in my etsy shop a few weeks back, here's another chance; the first five orders from my folksy shop get a free mini-zine!

couple of other things: i took part in now now's zine showcase a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't attend thanks to being away. also, one of my older pieces (bottom left hand corner) was in design week last week, which was my submission to 'how many ways can you draw an apple?' by something to do zine. would have been better if they'd actually credited all the artists properly, of course. sigh.

i think i should probably try to update more often to save having so many catch-up posts!


Lor said...

i think you should come down to beside me at home, as we have some lovely beaches. we also have nice fish and chips and ice cream! x x

hellojenuine said...

sounds good to me!

.grau said...

just found out you "don't ship to my destination" on folksy. ):

hellojenuine said...

hello, have responded on your blog, hope it's helpful to you!

.grau said...

it is! i was just hoping to maybe get one of those awesome "climbing out of a canyon" zines by ordering on folksy.

thanks anyways!