1 January 2011

hello 2011


happiest of new years to you, friends! 2010 was far & away my very favourite year that i've had. i met so many great & inspiring people, looking back over the last twelve months makes me feel very lucky. i brought the day in with my best friend & good company. we set off lanterns into the new year's sky, then huddled around a fire & ate roast chestnuts. it was excellent.

in keeping with the last couple of years, here's my list of 25 thing to do whilst i'm 25. i'm excited to get started! i'm also setting myself a goal each month in 2011, but will cover that some other time.

1. buy a plant each month - includes houseplants, flowers, herbs & edible things
2. make trips to visit out-of-town friends (& those who live close-by too of course)
3. reach 550 sales on
etsy - ambitious, but a good challenge
4. add 12 new items to my
5. make a poster print - minimum A3/three colours
6. print tote bags - bought bags months ago, must use them
7. do taxes quarterly
8. learn to use my sewing machine - plus sub-goals:
9. make a lightweight summer dress
10. make a tie for alan
11. make something using fabric printed with my gocco
12. make fabric using spoonflower
13. floss!
14. join the library
15. avoid mass-produced clothing - buy direct from makers/second hand/sustainably
16. buy food from local sources/businesses & smaller supermarkets
17. go foraging
18. massive clear out of workspace
19. visit london with alan
20. make a recipe box
21. read
the self-sufficient-ish bible & infuse it’s advice into my life where i can
22. keep lists of all the books i read & films i watch
23. redecorate the kitchen (rollover from 2010)
24. stay in a wooden cabin/tipi (rollover from 2010)
25. get a massage (rollover from 2010)

to give a little help to goal #3, if you use the code HAPPYNEWYEAR in my etsy shop, you'll get 10% off your purchase if you order before 8 january. hurrah!

thanks for all your support, comments & purchases over the last year. 2011 is going to be excellent, i know it.


peas and needles said...

such cute goals!!! happy new year!!!
if you come to London be sure to say hi :)

hellojenuine said...

happy new year love, thanks! & i will!

marceline said...

that all sounds so exciting - can't wait to see what you come up with this year. hope you do another zine too :)

lina said...

how lovely! i've been wanting to make one of these lists...i think now is a good time to start!

Mallory said...

Happy New Year! And I totally support the book/film keeping track of goal, haha. I'm so glad I did that this year!

hellojenuine said...

happy new year ladies!
marceline - i've been working on a mini-zine with alan since last summer, poor boy finished his lot ages ago & it's me who still has drawings to do! perhaps should finish that...
lina - for sure! any time is good really, but new years, with all it's new-leafyness is perhaps one of the best.
mallory - i really need to do it, i always look back over the year & can't remember what i read or saw due to a kind of terrible memory. not this year!

ArtYarn said...

what a gorgeous blog! so happy i found it!
i have linked you from artyarn.blogspot.com in a little post with one of your images.
i hope thats ok.
happy 2011 from ArtYarn x

Daria Hlazatova said...

this looks like a great resolution list!! you've inspired me to make one too :) good luck with all your plans and Happy New Year!

emma brown trithart said...

ha! numbers 13, 24, and 25 are on my list too! I started flossing again and it's KILLING my teeth, which is a sign that I should have been doing this long, long ago.

Also thanks for the comment! You should do a "what i wore today" drawing roundup, you've got so many good ones after all!

Anonymous said...

yey to lanterns! hold it till its fat haha!

Fi xxx

hellojenuine said...

thanks for the comments, happy new year!

emma: yes, i'm working my way through that slight pain stage now, sigh. but my dentist would be so proud.
i don't think my what i wore round up would be too great, i probably only did about six this year, & i think that only spanned about two months! loved yours though.

fi: <3

Katie said...

Your no.1 reminds me - I really want to have fresh flowers in the house at least once every two weeks. The real problem is I wouldn't know where to place them in our tiny apartment but I want to try. Happy 2011!

denise said...

i like the buy a plant a month - i might have to copy that one! :)

cheryl.andrey said...

I think I may be helping you with #3 if you do #6. Haha.

Michelle said...

What fabulous goals! I adore the buying a plant a month one, that's a great idea. I love plants and should have more of them.

Love your store.

polarité said...

really nice blog! :)

Ελλάδα said...

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