30 July 2008

letterbox joy

of all of life's simple pleasures, getting snail mail is one that (unless it's junk) never fails to make me smile. saturday saw the delivery of the book fifty designers current favourite typefaces (& just so you know, comic sans is mentioned twice! gah!) & lovely film tilsammans, that i was reminded of by lizzy stewart a few weeks ago. i thought alan & i had watched it together, but he assured me that we hadn't, so i bought it so that he could see it. yesterday an envelope arrived from my friend gavin, containing a print of a photo of the "new zealand consulate, aka a run down office block on the lower east side" - aka, where murray's office is in tv series flight of the conchords. so that was a brilliant little gift! & pictured above is todays letterbox offering, a little batch of lovely goodies from crafty designer asking for trouble, aka marceline smith.

good week for snail mail!

purple tuesday

i'd just like to clarify that although i'm posting on wednesday, i took all these photos yesterday. colour week is complete! i think yellow was the most successful colour, followed by green. big thank you's to sanna for taking part.

28 July 2008

yellow monday

now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to spend more time with the boy who returned from morocco.

wilco - sky blue sky

27 July 2008

red sunday

since all i've been shooting for colour week are random objects, i thought i'd have a change since i like photos with people in them best. unfortunately, i saved the last two at a los-res by accident. sorry.

do you know what sucks more than that though? going to work at 10 in the morning, after a forty minute walk, only to find out that you're not actually supposed to be there. i was allowed to stay & work thankfully, it's just rubbish that i have to do the same shift tomorrow, rather than have a lovely day off like i was expecting.

yann tiersen - la dispute

26 July 2008

blue saturday

what's my excuse for blue saturday? i was working 12:30 'til 9:30, & really didn't fancy taking my camera to work. i hope that will suffice.

mc lars - signing emo

25 July 2008

brown friday

brown friday went infinitely better than orange thursday. a trip home was made due to the most painful dentist visit ever: painful in that it cost me £32.10. sigh, to be a student again. but brown friday brought the perfect opportunity to continue my brown knitting on the train, to visit the park & abbey, & on my return to dundee, a gift from a friend in the form of a beautiful print. incidentally, he (ross mclean) currently has a show on - "wouldn't say no!" - at rara & the pretty vacant showrooms on exchange street until 9th august. go see.

the shins - black wave

24 July 2008

orange thursday

first, let me apoligise for the shoddy attempt at orange (& peach, since that's the colour of posca pen that was picked) thursday. the first silly thing i did was forget to take my camera out with me today. otherwise there'd definitely be at least one better picture up there. the second silly thing is that i'm not in the most creative of moods today, for silly reasons. i hope that a sad plaster, esteban, & a sad carrot make up for it (unlikely). but hopefully brown friday will go better (however foreboding that sounds...)

weezer - say it ain't so

cupcake cut-outs

i'm really not much of a cook, but i enjoy making a good cupcake. & look at these cupcake wrappers i found on the red door gallery blog! they're by paper orchid, & they're amazing.

the weakerthans - sun in an empty room

23 July 2008

green wednesday

first day of colour week went rather well, with many green doors, a green picnic blanket on green grass, an adventure in lots of green foliage, & green broccoli soup. lovely! my dear sanna took part too, which made me incredibly happy.

bright eyes  - i believe in symmetry

22 July 2008

a challenge!

inspired by browsing flickr, i'm going to start a week long project starting tomorrow. by picking out posca pens with my eyes closed, i've designated every day from tomorrow until next tuesday a colour: green, orange/peach, brown, blue, red, yellow, & purple. each day i have to have three+ photos that are dominated by said colour, & they can be of any item at all. a week from today, i will have a lovely little collection of colourful photographs, hopefully!

if you want to take part, even for a day, go for it!

21 July 2008


i updated my flickr account after a stunning seventeen months! to my recollection, i forgot my password, & couldn't find a way to reclaim it (these things are usually found under the "log in" area, so i like to hope there's a less stupid reason than "i couldn't find it" as to why i never did). anyway, have a peek & add me as an acquaintance if you so wish.

i really haven't posted much artwork on this little thing. it's all because every idea i have is still in the planning stages (in my head or on paper) or half worked on. but that's better than nothing at all. we'll all just have to have patience. i'm off work for three days, so hopefully the time will be spent somewhat productively.

time for dinner & bbci. yum.

note: i really dislike deviantarts' new layout, but last.fm's on the other hand; tasty.

lcd soundsystem - too much love

18 July 2008

jason munn

i have long been envious of jason munn, ever since i discovered his work whilst researching a poster project. not only does he do posters & such for so many bands that i like, he does them so bloody well. i love his simple imagery & layouts, & the colours & type he uses. it's lucky alot of his older posters on his site are sold out, otherwise i'd be horrendously tempted. here's a selection of my favourites:

the decemberists - the crane wife 1 & 2

17 July 2008


yummy breakfast. don't worry about the little ghost hugging the egg. he holds the salt.

crows are harder to draw than i expected. but it's getting there.

broken social scene - pitter patter goes my heart

15 July 2008

look up

i've been in a slightly sour mood for the past few days, with my company largely being customers. the next 24 hours bring much anticipated meetings with friends, so i've cheered up considerably. & as always, there's nothing like a little retail therapy &, as a result, the postman at the door. today i received some lovely hairbobbles by meeting street designs on etsy, & the beautifully illustrated (& i can only assume the same for the writing, but i'll be reading it later on) i am the friction, a collection of words & pictures by duo sing statistics.

the decemberists - the perfect crime #2